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Mulligan & Associates Inc.
A 36 Plus Year Corporate Sponsored Chief Level
and Senior Executive Outplacement Firm That Has Helped Over 3,000 Senior Executives Advance Their Career
Our Primary Goal
To help our clients contact targeted people on a massive
scale that can help them be hired in a C-Level or senior
level position, board seat and/or consulting role.
Our Proven 5 Step Job Transition and Acquisition Process
1. We help our clients work through the separation trauma
    of leaving the organization plus the stress of conducting
    a job search so they stay confident.
2. We review each client’s past career path with him or
    her, assess his or her strengths and weaknesses and
    target positions and the industry where he/she wants
    to work. Then we develop resumes and marketing
    letters that help the client obtain interviews and offers.
3. We put our clients in front of people who can help
    them obtain their target position. BRW Enterprise, our
    partner, is the foremost expert in finding granular
    contact information on companies and individuals. By
    utilizing their proprietary web crawlers, they have built
    a database of over 100 thousand CEOs, 50 thousand
    hiring managers, three thousand private equity firms
    and 50 thousand Board Members. We provide our
    clients exclusive access to these groups of people in
    scale, often hundreds of conversations in a matter of
    weeks. We help clients identify their next career target,
    and our goal is to put them in front of a minimum of 50
    people who can hire them.
4. We put our clients through phone, face to face and
    Zoom interviews so they are prepared to sell
    themselves. We also discuss negotiating the offer to
    obtain what our client wants without losing it.
5. We discuss on-boarding strategy and how our client
    can excel as both a team unit leader and team member
    leader in his/her new role
We will use Dr. Mulligan’s book Moving Out and Moving Up
which covers the five step career transitioning process. It
has been used by our 3,000 clients.
Special Career Website for Clients & Family Members
Our clients and their family members can use the career
materials in our other website
which helps an individual plan, prepare for and manage
their career journey. The website includes 12 books with 20 assessments, 15 podcasts and a weekly management
development webinar
for those who want to move into
management and excel as a team leader. We discuss the
four phases of Dr. Mike Mulligan’s book, Excelling as a
Team Leader.
Why Participate in the Mulligan & Associates Program?
1. We help clients identify their next career target (work
    sector, industry, functional area and position) and
    will put them in front of a minimum of 50 
people they
    need to meet who can hire them. There is no 
    outplacement firm that can match our technology
    program. It is managed by Brian Williams in the BRW
    Enterprise office in New York City.
2. We limit the number of senior executives in the
    program so we can give them the service they want and
    deserve. We know a client needs as much counseling
    and coaching after two months than in the beginning. 
    We want our clients to be confident and sharp when
    they meet the people who can hire them.
3. Because we limit the number in our program, Dr. Mike
    Mulligan works directly with each client along with Brad
    Williams of BRW Enterprise. Other career coaches are
    available to help clients where necessary. Dr. Mulligan
    has a Ph.D. in counseling from the U of Georgia and M.A.
    in counseling from Michigan State. He served as a
    Fellow Manager with the International Career
    Certification Institute certifying career consultants to
    be in the industry. He has worked with 100 CEOs and
    Presidents, 500 Chief Level Officers and 1,500 managers
    and professionals helping them advance their career.
4. We have a senior executive networking program where
    our clients meet each other and share information. We
    also bring in retained recruiters to speak & meet our
5. We offer the website to our
     clients and their families to peruse and learn how to
     plan, prepare for and manage their career journey. ( 12
     books, 15 podcasts and a Moving into Management and
     Excelling as a Team Unit Leader Webinar once a week)
6. Our fees are very reasonable considering the program
    we offer each client. We want clients to move out of 
    their former organization into another 
    company/position that is right for them in a short
    period of time.
Contact Dr. Mike Mulligan 847 533-1648 or email him at:

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