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The Ultimate Career Consulting Firm - Two Divisions
  • Corporate Sponsored Outplacement
  • CEOs, Presidents and Chief Level Officers
  • Partners, Senior Executives, Directors. Managers & Professionals
  • The Career Pathway Mentoring Center - An Alternate Program to Helping Non-Managers Plan and Advance Their Career.
  • "Top Performers" Executive Career Transitioning Club
  • An organization that offers executives the opportunity, once a month, to meet other executives, obtain job leads, and listen to speakers that can advance their career. Those in the club will be marketed by Mulligan & Associates and will receive one-on-one counseling
  • The Career Pathway Mentoring Institute
  • Career Pathway Mentoring Center
  • Mentoring Directors Program
  • Career Pathway Mentor Training Program
  • Website - Log into:
  • This website features The Route 5 Career Pathway Plan that helps both executives and non-managers plan and advance their career. The Plan includes completing the following tasks to meet the Five “P” Career Growth Goals.
  • Position self on the right career pathway
  • Prepare self for targeted career field and future positions
  • Place self in targeted career field and future positions
  • Perform at a high level completing tasks and advancing
  • Personal satisfaction with situation and performance
If individuals complete their identified tasks each year to meet the Five “P” Career Growth Goals, they will become the best at what they are doing now and advance to the next targeted position in or outside of their organization.

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