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Mulligan & Associates Inc., a 35 plus year Career Management Consulting Firm offers:

  • Corporate Sponsored Outplacement Programs, best career coaches you can find

  • The Triangle Performance Management Model is a performance management model that those is management can execute to obtain results and grow careers

  • Sponsorship of Website- – helping young adults place themselves on right career pathway, excel on the job and manage their career journey.

Five Corporate Sponsored Outplacement Programs

  1. The CEO and President Program

  2. The Chief Level Officer/Partner  Program

  3. The Senior Executive and Manager Program

  4. The Non-Manager Program

  5. The Group Program

Managers Executing a Performance Management System

Those in management can execute The Triangle Team leadership Model, a performance management system that includes everyone in a department stepping up as a leader and setting and meeting objectives that will transform themselves into the best at their position, the department best in its functional area and the company best in its industry. Dr. Mulligan uses his books Excelling as a Team Leader and Sharpening My One-On-One Performance Facilitation and Helping Communication Skills and My Career Mentor and Me in the Model.

Sponsorship of Our Website-

We have developed a website that can train individuals associated with companies, schools and colleges as a Career Pathway Mentor. Our systematic training program provides a One-on-One Career Planning and Management Process and vital information that Career Pathway Mentors can use to help a young adult 15 to 35 chart the right career pathway, prepare for it, meet performance objectives in school and at work and manage a successful career journey.


The website can be used to train mangers to serve as a career mentor to your young employees as well as those high school and college students taking internships with your organization.  Your employees who are parents can learn how to help their children with career planning and management. Your sponsorship also means older adults associated with high schools and colleges across America can go to the website and learn how to operate as a Career Pathway Mentor. 


This mentoring training program is needed today. The American School Counselors Association reports that there are on average 482 students per public high school counselor in the U.S.A. Only 25% of college students go to their career center for help and those in their 20s and early 30s have a strong need for career mentoring at work. Over 15% of young adults 25 to 35 live at home being unemployed or underemployed. Sponsors can describe their company and industry on our website & and add a link that takes people to their services, products and job openings. 




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