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You are invited to listen and view the following 14 podcasts which relate to the two Survey Information Sections. Dr. Mike Mulligan, the speaker, is CEO of Mulligan & Associates, a 30 year career consulting firm, that has helped over 10,000 individuals with career and educational planning and finding employment. Prior to starting Mulligan & Associates, Dr. Mulligan was Management Development Director for Century 21 of Northern Illinois helping 400 owners manage their business to make profit. 
Dr. Mulligan also served as Regional Director for the American College Testing Program in the Midwest, as Assistant Director of Admissions at the University of Georgia and Chairman of the State of Georgia College Night Program, as a counselor in the Career Counseling Center at Georgia Tech and academic advisor at Michigan State University. Dr. Mulligan wrote six books, developed over 15 assessments and is a Fellow Manager with the Institute of Career Certification International, an organization that certifies people in the career counseling field.
Special Note: There is a lot of information provided in these podcasts and you might want to review the podcasts that are most relevant to you at this time. You can always come back later and review the others.
Podcast #1 - Charting Your Career Path and Managing Your Career Path until Retirement
Podcast #1 will discuss why it is so important to continually chart your career path and manage your career journey until retirement. We define a career path and introduce the Route 56 Career Management Model, a process to help you chart and manage your career journey. 
Podcast #2 - Selecting the Industry / Positions That are Best for You and Will Put and Keep You on the Right Career Path
Podcast #2 discusses the world of work and the 20 assessments you can take on the survey to learn about yourself. This information can help you select the industry and positions that best fit you.                                                                                                   
Podcast #3 - Preparing for the ACT and SAT and Understanding Your Score Reports as They Relate to College Academic Readiness, Admissions Selectivity, Career/Major Selection, Financial Scholarships and Course Placement
Over two million students take the ACT and SAT each year.  Podcast # three discusses how to prepare for the ACT and SAT and what the score reports mean in regard to college academic readiness, college selectivity, career/major selection, student aid and course placement. It can help you learn about your academic strengths and weaknesses and do something to make improvements in case you want to attend graduate or professional school. 
Podcast #4 - Developing a College Selection Profile and Selecting and Enrolling in the College/University That Fits You
There are over 4,600 two and four colleges and universities in the U.S.A.  Podcast # four discusses why it is important to develop a College Selection Profile, what information should be in your College Selection Profile and how to move forward to select and enroll in the college (s) best for you at this time.  

Podcast #5 - Obtaining an A.A., B.A. or B.S. College Degree on Your Timeline and Graduating with a Good Job
The costs to attend a college or university today continue to rise and research shows 70% of students attending a community college do not graduate in three years and 50% of those attending a four college or university do not graduate in five years. Podcast # five discusses why students drop out of college and have so much trouble graduating within a reasonable amount of time and finding a job. This information can help those attending college develop a plan to graduate on their timeline with a good job.    
Podcast #6 - Working with Your Boss to Chart Your Career Path, Become an Expert in Your Position, and Obtain More Experience to Advance
The way people advance their career is working with a boss who wants to be a Career Pathing Mentor and execute a process that develops top performers and a high performing unit. Podcast # six discusses how to work with your boss to be the best at what you do, chart your career path and take on more responsibility to advance your career. 

Podcast #7 - Identifying and Working with Mentors that will Help You Chart and Manage a Successful Career Journey
To have a successful career journey, you need to know how to develop a mentoring system and execute it. No one gets ahead by themselves. Podcast # seven discusses two type of mentors, the Career Pathing Mentor and the Specialty Mentor. You should find a Career Pathing Mentor and work with him/her and chart your career path and identify Specialty Mentors along the way that can help you in areas where you need more help or information.           

Podcast #8 - Obtaining the Right Graduate or Professional Degree and Being Active in Your Profession to Advance 
The research shows over 30% of adults have a B.A. and 11% have a graduate or professional degree. Podcast # eight discusses how a graduate or professional degree in the right area and being active in your profession can launch your career. 

Podcast #9 - Obtaining Personal Fulfillment from Work
Most of us will work for someone else or ourselves for over 40 years. We identify who we are by what we do for a living. Podcast # nine will discuss how the professionals define job satisfaction and happiness and what you can do to gain more enjoyment from your work. 

Podcast #10 - Defining Leadership and Management, Assessing Your Strengths as a Unit Leader and Manager and Charting Your Career Path in Management or Non-Management

If your CEO said “ everyone in this organization has to step up as a leader if we are going to be the best in our industry.” Would everyone in your organization know what he meant when he said step up as a leader? Podcast # 10 defines leadership and management, discusses some of the leadership assessments in the info sections and asks you to use the information to decide if management or non-management is the best career path for you.      
Podcast #11 - Developing and Executing a Work- for-Pay Career Plan from Age 50 until Retirement  
The most dangerous age in a organization is during your late 50s or early 60s. Everybody wonders when you might retire. They have forgotten the organization doesn’t give pensions out any more and that the average person 55 to 64 has $103,000 saved for retirement. You need to keep working for pay. Podcast #11 discusses the pros and cons of retirement and how to keep working for pay. 
Podcast #12 - Knowing What to Do When You Lose Your Job
Over 45 million people lose their jobs each year and this number will probably continue in the future because of changes continually taking place in the world of work. Podcast # 12 will discuss how people lose their jobs, how to handle separation trauma, what to say to people when you lose your job, severance packages and how to handle stress during a job search.    
Podcast #13 - Executing a Job Acquisition Process to Find a New Position in Your Present Organization or When Unemployed
Individuals need to continually chart and manage their career journey so when they lose their job or think they are going to lose their job, they are prepared to move forward and find new employment. Podcast # 13 will discuss a Job Acquisition Model that people of all ages can use to find employment in their present organization or when they become unemployed.
Podcast #14 - Operating as a Career Pathing Mentor
Dr. Mulligan will describe a mentoring model he has developed. A supervisor or manager should review this podcast to learn how this model cam be executed with an intern.

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